For years I suffered from depression until I
​changed my state of mind.  Oppressing
helped move my life forward.  
​Below are some basic principles that changed
my life.​​


​​Terrific Tuesday ladies and gentlemen!
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TACKLE manageable problems.
​Not all problems have straightforward solutions; ​
​depression can be exacerbated by issues
​that are out of your control, like health
​problems, financial problems, and the death
​of a loved one. In order to overcome 
​life’s toughest problems, it helps to get practice
by tackling something you can change.


Practice makes perfect! Let's get it done, ​
together now, yes we can! New years eve is coming!




​​​​​​​​​​​​​What are the smaller obstacles in your life that cause you to feel 
​negative day by day? Practice overcoming those, and you’ll gain strength to face 
​the bigger issues.


solution-oriented goals. Think of concrete ways you can
​improve your situation.
​Has your house gotten overly cluttered?
​That’s something you can tackle. Make a
​detailed plan to clean the house, room by room,
​and allow yourself to feel satisfaction
​with each mission you accomplish.

track of your progress in a journal. Sometimes the simple
​ act of writing a goal
​down provides motivation to move forward and make a change.​​

EXPRESS yourself. Depression tends to cause people to retreat from life and avoid communicating a lot with other people, but it only gets worse when you keep emotions bottled up inside. Your feelings have value because they are a part of you, so find a way to express them.

you are a religious person, consider attending your place of worship more frequently, and getting involved in groups that meet outside of services. Spending time with like-minded people will give you the comfort of being part of a community.

​BE kind to yourself. Depression can lead to extremely negative feelings about one’s abilities and personality. Focus on what you like about yourself and the positive things you have to offer the world, rather than dwelling on things that are going wrong.

DON'T blame yourself for being depressed. Depression affects almost everyone at one point or another. You aren’t weak or cowardly; you have a condition that can be debilitating, and you’re taking steps to face it head-on. That’s brave.
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DON'T spend too much time alone. Have daily conversations with friends, family and classmates. It’s not necessary to talk about your depression; just be yourself and say what comes naturally. ​Writing, dance, visual arts, music and other types of art can be extremely therapeutic forms of self expression.

DON'T be afraid to express sadness, fear, anger, anxiety and the other emotions that accompany depression. These feelings are as much a part of life as happiness and satisfaction. Compounding your emotions with shame will only make you feel worse.​​

NOURISH your spiritual side. Many people find that turning to spirituality helps them find peace when they’re dealing with depression.

TRY meditation, which is focused on developing thought patterns that lead to self-awareness and peace. Research meditation groups in your area or practice on your own.